Atlas lingüístico-etnográfico de Colombia geolinguistic corpus

Bernal Chávez, Julio Alexánder and Bonilla Huérfano, Johnatan Stiven and Rubio, Ruth and Llanos Chávez, Andrea Lizeth and Bejarano Bejarano, Daniel Eduardo (2018) Atlas lingüístico-etnográfico de Colombia geolinguistic corpus. In: V. International Linguistics and Language Conference, Marzo 2018, Estambul, Turquía.

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This paper describes the Atlas Linguistico--‐Etnografico de Colombia (ALEC) geolinguistic corpus. The ALEC corpus is composed of 1523 linguistic, ethnographic and mixed maps, more than 16,000 photographs and 765 audio sessions. Twenty--‐three researchers collected information in 262 locations of Colombia between 1956 and 1978, interviewing 2234 informants. Since 2015 Instituto Caro y Cuervo's Corpus and Computational Linguistics research line has been working on the digitization of these files by means of structural and descriptive metadata, aiming to present a linguistic conservation material to the academic community that can be reviewed with different quantitative and qualitative methods and at different language levels. Three Information Systems are being developed for the presentation of the ALEC corpus: an ALEC website (ALEC Web); a Geographic Information System of the ALEC (ALEC GIS); and the Oral Corpus of ALEC (Website CLICC).

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